Tracking cars and people is cheaper and easier with us

A new technology based on artificial intelligence that works with all tracking devices and even mobile phones

How it works

After installing your device and connecting it to our server, the tracker sends information about the device's location periodically. Our platform processes this data and presents it to you in the form of easy-to-use functions such as graphs, tracks and event log with high standards of security and data protection.

Continuous monitoring

Real-time device tracking

Determine places

You can draw geo-fences that will alert you if the device leaves them


You can set up multiple alerts and notifications systems, such as exceeding the permissible speed, for example


View the device's movements via a tape recording of all its movements and stops

Why do I need a tracking system?

There are so many advantages and reasons why anyone needs a tracking system for their cars, family, or workers

And the most important thing is that it is a guarantee, God forbid, from a disaster such as a car theft or a traffic accident. It is also a way to monitor the movements and speeds of the driver and children

For companies, monitoring the company’s drivers and knowing their movements, thus reducing costs, and of course many other advantages that the owners of companies are aware of